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Canaan Yes this Saturday (rain or shine)

The Canaan Yes Festival will be held this Sat., Nov. 1, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the church’s parking lot (indoors if it rains). Please invite your friends to come! Share this page with with them!

Csnaan Yes flyer

And don’t forget. Daylight Savings ends this Sunday!

Daylight Savings ends.001

How well does English Ministry reach out?

October 9, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

In only a few weeks, this Christian year will conclude. Our English Ministry has been reflecting on what it means to reach out and, together, be an influence for Christ – thus, this year’s theme has been “Confluence.”

I’m happy to report that God has been stirring among us. Our members are more intentionally reaching out to guests and visitors – especially on Sundays. Members of each life stage are increasingly sharing the responsible for reaching out and ministering to their own life stage. We are now paying closer attention caring for brothers and sisters who face life transitions. And since the middle of August, the English worship attendance has eclipsed 100 (the only exception was during the weekend of the EM camping trip).

While all this encouraging, we need to be realistic. For example, like most churches, attendance rises in the fall and spring, but declines in the winter and summer.

Church Attendance is a Two-Humped Camel

Church Attendance is a Two-Humped Camel

Nevertheless, there are indicators of growth in the area of outreach. Last Sunday, I took a survey of our attendees’ Outreach Consciousness. The survey came from Gary McIntosh and Charles Arn, What Every Pastor Should Know. 101 Indispensable Rules of Thumb for Leading Your Church (Baker, 2013), 15. The authors called this a measurement of “Good Commission Consciousness.” Our worshipers were asked to affirm as many of the following ten statements as they could:

Statement – Number affirmed

  1. I see the primary purpose of our church as sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. – 43
  2. I have participated in an outreach training event in the last year. – 15
  3. I have invited an unchurched friend or relative to a church event in the last six months. – 22
  4. I would support a motion to designate at least 10 percent of our church budget to outreach events and training activities. – 36
  5. I would prefer that the pastor call on nonmembers more often than on members. – 11
  6. I would be willing to take a new member or visitor home for dinner once every six months. – 30
  7. I have intentionally introduced myself to a new member or visitor in the past month. – 38
  8. I have talked with an unchurched person about my faith in the past three months. – 28
  9. I have prayed for a specific unchurched person in the past month. – 36
  10. I would be willing to be a pioneer in a new group or new church fellowship to help reach new people. – 13

I then tallied the number of affirmations based on returned surveys:

No. affirmations/ Number of surveys returned
0 – 8
1 – 2
2 – 2
3 – 7
4 – 7
5 – 15
6 – 10
7 – 8
8 – 2
9 – 0
10 – 1

Of the 62 total received (54, not including blank responses), 11 responded with seven or higher. According to the authors, “If 20 percent or more respond favorably [respond yes to seven or more of the questions], you have a congregation with a Great Commission conscience.”

Canaan EM Outreach Consciousness 2014_10_05If we don’t count the surveys that were returned blank, then we have a congregation with a Great Commission conscience.

In sum, I think we are pretty close to an evangelistic breakthrough. It is an encouraging sign! We have some challenges ahead of us. In the near future, I’ll share more about these and some suggestions about how we can face and overcome them. For now, here is a sample of what is your leaders are planning:

1. We are setting up a section in Worship Hall 3 for parents with little kids
EM Worship Hall with kids section
2. Friday Family Night with programs for children is in the works.

3. English ministry fellowship or retreat for married couples without kids

3. High School seniors’  meals and outings

4. Care packages for college students

In the meantime, please continue to pray for me. I am teaching a course called “Theology of Ministry” for Doctor Ministry students at San Francisco Theological Seminary this semester. Here are my students:
Tim Tseng SFTS students 2014 FallI miss engaging people about Christian faith and ministry at a deeper level. So this has been an enriching experience for me. I am eager to have these conversations with more people, especially with folks from Canaan!

Thanks for reading this longer update.

See you Sunday!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries

Conquer Busy this Sunday

September 18, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

Betty, Benji, Nathaniel, and Tim on the North Shore of Oahu (Sept 9, 2014)

Betty, Benji, Nathaniel, and Tim on the North Shore of Oahu (Sept 9, 2014)

We haven’t had a real family vacation since our boys were in high school. Having a chance to go to Hawaii with Nathaniel and Benji was a real joy. Thank you fellow Hawaii afficionados for recommending places to visit and to eat!

Last Sunday, while many of our members were camping out in Half Moon Bay, I was delighted to share a message to remind our youth and young adults that we are God’s own people. Peter says it this way:

But you aretumblr_m0knvwTgtw1qb5lxeo1_500
a chosen people,
a royal priesthood,
a holy nation,
God’s special possession. (1 Peter 2:9)

There is a special freedom that comes from belonging to God’s family. All our good deeds and love for God’s people and God’s world flow out of our identity. Therefore we don’t have to “earn” the privileges of being his chosen people. That’s Good News! So please don’t forget who you are!

This Sunday, we will continue our sermon series on the Acts of the Apostles. I’ll look at Paul’s Macedonian call and Lydia’s conversion as instances of overcoming busyness. Being busy is insidious. Even Paul and Lydia had to find ways to conquer its faith-destroying effects. Let’s find out how this Sunday!

See you then!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries
Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church


1. Bell Choir

Registration for CTCC’s Fall Bell Choir (for grade 2 and up, youth, and adults) is now up and running. Rehearsals start in October. Please register online here:

2. Serving Lunch in October (Stanley Chow)

Thank you for being part of Canaan.

You’re invited by Canaan’s English Ministry to signup for “Lunch Service for Canaan Christian Church in October 2014.” Please click on the link to view the online sign up.

We are grateful for your participation!

To sign up, go to:

Quest for Vision

August 29, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

Vision Quest.001For the last month, I’ve been part of a VisionQuest small group of recent college graduates. We’ve been sharing and praying for each other and reading TwentySomeone by Craig Dunham and Doug Severn. We only meet once or twice a month, but I’ve been blessed during these meetings. It is good for me to hear the hopes and struggles of our younger young adults. We plan to meet about ten times. At the end, our hope is that VisionQuest participants will gain clearer insight about God’s vision for them and about their special gifts and calling. Please continue to pray for this VisionQuest group! I hope to start a couple more in the next month – as well as start a VisionFocus group for people who are older than 30 and want to seek where God is moving in their lives.

My family will be on vacation from Sept. 2-13. Pray for us as we rest, reconnect, and recreate!

Have a great weekend! See you Sunday!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries


This weekend, the Luke Medical Missions Conference will be held at Canaan. It is a free conference where you can hear stories of medical missionaries who have given their gifts and talents to serve the least of these. All sessions will be presented or translated into English. It’s not too late to register on line at

One of the conference speakers, Dr. Scott Murray, will preach at English service this Sunday at 10 a.m. This will be followed by a “Conversation with Dr. Scott Murray.” Elder Torence Lu will play the role of Charlie Rose. We welcome everyone to come and learn more about what God has been doing through Dr. Murray! Here is some biographical information about Dr. Murray:

Scott Murray is a Scottish missionary surgeon to displaced migrants on the Thai-Burma border.

He was born a “missionary kid” to a family working with the “Shan” tribal people in North Thailand. From age 7 to 12, he attended Chefoo School in Malaysia, a missionary boarding “school in the jungle.” He then attended high school in England while his parents still worked in Thailand.

At age 16, Scott felt God’s calling to be a missionary doctor. He earned his MBChB (MD) from Dundee Medical School and was Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, in Glasgow.

In 1991, Scott began medical missionary work in Manorom Christian Hospital in Central Thailand with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF).

In 2010, he became the Hospital Director and surgeon at Kwai River Christian Hospital in Sangklaburi, Thailand, on the Thai-Burma border.

Next Sunday – September 7th:

We will welcome 6th graders to English worship and Everglow Fellowship! Chris Liu will preach on “The Next Generation” (Eph. 4:1-16).

Also, during lunch time in the Fellowship Hall, Pastor DJ and Grace Jang will share about their upcoming mission trip to China and Taiwan (Sept. 11-27). Come and hear what they will be doing. An offering will be collected to support the trip.

And the Sunday after that – September 14th

Because many of our families will be joining the EM camping trip in Half-Moon Bay, the focus for worship will be on youth and young adults. I’ll speak on “U-R” (1 Peter 2:4–12), which will also be relevant for families, too!

We will then resume our sermon series through the Acts of the Apostles.

The Chill of Autumn

August 20, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

Did you feel the first chill of autumn? Now that our – well – interesting retreat is over (at least the English adults and youth had great speakers), we can look forward to a season of harvest:

  • School is starting again for children, youth, and young adults – a year more mature and, hopefully, wiser! On Sept. 7, we will welcome six graders to our English worship service.
  • While many of our adults will be camping on Sept. 12-14, we will have a youth oriented worship service on the 14th.
  • We’ll continue our sermon series on the Acts, where topics such as “faith and work,” “simplifying our lives,” and “discerning God’s will” will be addressed.

It will be an exciting season!


1. THIS SUNDAY: Deacon Stanley Chow [email] seeks some “muscle power to move the piano and electronic drum set from 2nd floor to Worship Hall 3 after service.”

2. END OF SUMMER COLLEGE FELLOWSHIP: Stephen Chen and Terrance Chang will lead a college group/fellowship for the remaining summer month before quarter system schools start in early October. They will meet on Wednesday nights from 8-9:30pm at Canaan or until they find a homier place to meet. They’ll be reading Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will.

Scott Murray.0013.  LUKE MEDICAL MISSIONS CONFERENCE: Heard about the Ebola virus? Why do medical missionaries risk their lives? Find out on Aug 29-31 at the annual Medical Missions conference at Canaan. It’s free of charge. You are also welcome to just show up in certain sessions. Registration forms will be available for you to drop off in a collecting box located in the Worship Hall 1 lobby, or you can go to to register on line.

4. GUEST SPEAKER on August 31. Dr. Scott Murray will preach on “Go Do it! To the least!” (Mt 28:16-20). During the community hour, he will stay and be interviewed, Crystal says, “Dr. Murray, a medical missionary and also a fellow OMFer … was one of the early workers in Manorom Christian Hospital in Central Thailand (which closed just a few years ago.) He’s a legend.”

5. Share about yourself in CANAAN PEOPLE – go to this link and get featured –

See you Sunday!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries 

2014 Retreat Information (English Adult & Youth Sections)

Download the following two documents. They provide the information you need for this weekend’s retreat (English Adult and Youth sections):

1. General guidelines (what to bring, how to get there, how to register) | [Download 2014 Retreat Guidelines]

2. English Adult and Youth Schedule, maps, contact information | [Download v4]

EMW_retreat bulletin_14_08_17.002EMW_retreat bulletin_14_08_17.001

Here come the kids!

Canaan VBSDear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is just around the corner!

Thanks to the hard work of Nicole Lu, Shirley Tai, and many volunteers, VBS has been our most publicly recognized and effective ministry to families. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers next week.

Canaan VBSDuring the last two VBS’s, Betty and I have set up a “welcome table” in the lobby area. We’ve served coffee and refreshments, made seats available for people to chat, and provided opportunities to share about Canaan to guests.

Next week, I’d like more of us to support the “welcome table.”

There are two ways that you can help:

1. Go to Costco and buy seedless red grapes, clementines (or satsumas), croissants, cupcakes (or other healthy snacks that can be easily served) from Costco. Bring them to church Wednesday, Thursday, and, Friday mornings so that we can store them for the following day. You can donate or get reimbursed.

If you can help, please let me know right away so I can coordinate the amount to purchase.

2. Staff the “welcome table.” We have two main shifts – 8:45-10 AM and 12:00-1:15 PM. If you take the morning shift, we’ll need you to set up the refreshments and drinks. If you take the afternoon shift, we’ll need you to clean up. “Welcome table” staff also need to take the initiative to greet guests, prepare to answer questions, and share about Canaan.

We especially need help on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. On Friday, I will not be able staff the “welcome table” at all since I will be driving Betty to the airport.

Please let me know if you are able to help with staffing. Thanks!

Also, this Sunday, we will continue our “Acts of Confluence” sermon series with the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8).

I’d like to experiment with renaming our “second hour” the “community hour.” This way, I hope that all of us begin to use the 11:30 am – 12:30 pm as an opportunity to build up koinonia (fellowship) with one another and with guests. Let’s take advantage of this time to minister to each other through Sunday School classes and intentional efforts to get acquainted with guests.

See you at worship on Sunday!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries
[email me]

* * *

Other updates

1. “Canaan Basics” on August 2 has been cancelled. The next opportunity for new members to join Canaan will be Dec 14.

2. 2014 Church Retreat (Aug 15-17) at U.C. Santa Cruz. About eight English and Youth from Immanuel Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Fremont will join us. Let’s welcome Pastor Lionel Chew, their new English ministry pastor!

3. I will be leading a workshop on “The Next Asian American Christianity” for the Asian American Baptist Alliance Convocation on August 6-7 in Glendale, California. Please pray for my preparation and presentation.

4. Thank you folks for sharing about yourself in the Canaan People column of the weekly bulletin. We are eager to have everyone participate (I’d like updated blurbs from those who shared last year). Simply go to this link, follow instructions, and get featured –

Looking Ahead:
– Aug 5: Young Adult Large Group Fellowship at church (7:45 PM, Worship Hall 2)
– Aug 10: All church welcome service (10 AM, Worship Hall 1).
– Aug 15-17: Church Retreat (U.C. Santa Cruz)
– Aug 29-31: Luke Christian Medical Mission Conference.
– Sept. 12-14: EM Camping Trip (Half Moon Bay) [All full]
– Nov 1: Canaan “Yes”

Worship songs for this Sunday (July 13, 2014)

Hi everyone!

Pastor Chris Liu and the Praise Band will be leading English worship this Sunday. To help us become more familiar with the songs, he has provided the YouTube links for us. Please have a listen, learn the songs, and sing brightly this Sunday!! We’ll try to post the songs as regularly as possible. Let’s become known as a worshiping people! – Pastor Tim

- Sing Sing Sing: 

- Stir in Me: 

- Oceans (Where Feet May Fail): 

- Send Revival, Start With Me: 

- I Love To Tell The Story:

I’m not going to Disneyworld :-(

June 11, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

I’ll be heading out to Orlando, Florida to teach a two-week History of Christianity class for new staff for Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) at their Institute for Biblical Studies ( I’m very excited to have this opportunity to share one of my passions with the more than 35 students who have registered for the class. Please pray for me, the students, and for Betty – who will be holding down the home front while I’m gone.

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries

* * *
I have just a few announcements to share this week:

Steve Hong1. Welcome Pastor Steve Hong, our guest speaker for this Sunday’s English worship service and Second Hour workshop. A former engineer & missionary, Steve started the non-profit “Kingdom Rice” [] as a vehicle for two initiatives.
1) to be a missionary in San Francisco, evangelizing the unchurched and
2) to equip Christian leaders in evangelism and discipleship in an Asian context.
Steve has trained leaders from dozens of organizations, churches, and seminaries here and abroad. His latest project is designing print, video, and strategy to equip new missionaries of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) reaching students in Asian and Latino contexts. He’s been married to Cathy for 12 years and has a son, Jason 8 years, and can often be found playing uke in local cafes as part of his lifestyle evangelism.

2. From Christina Chen:
Dear EM brothers and sisters: Father’s Day is almost here! We will make a slideshow dedicated to all the fathers. Please send your photos to Tobi by June 13. If kids want to make a short video (under 15 seconds!) with a message for their dad, you’re welcome to! – Christina

3. VBS is looking for 20 more volunteers. Sign up your kids or volunteer for our 2014 Vacation Bible School! July 29 to August 2 (Tuesday to Saturday; 9:30am to 12:30pm) for ages 3.5 to 6th grade. Online Registration is open at!

4. I will be starting a discipleship/leadership small group shortly. This initiative will be for adults who feel led to invest in, build up, and use their gifts for Canaan’s English Ministry.

5. Church Retreat (Aug 15-17) at U.C. Santa Cruz
Canaan Annoucements 140608.001
Come to our church’s summer retreat in refreshingly cool and allergy-free Santa Cruz! At this family-friendly retreat, we’ll dream of ways to go public with our faith! It will also be a great opportunity to build friendships and spiritual community with one another.

• Pastor Youwan Kang of the Mountain View Chinese Christian Church will be our English adult program speaker. The retreat theme will be “IPO (Incarnational Public Offering)
• Pastor Joe Lin at EFC Alhambra will speak to our youth. The youth retreat theme will “Going Public.”

Please pick up a registration form in the back of our worship halls or register on-line at:

Registration information:
-> Ages 12+: Regular $160 (prepaid between 5/25-6/22); Non-Canaan $200
-> Ages 3-11:Regular $90 (prepaid between 5/25-6/22); Non-Canaan $150
-> Ages 2 and under: Free
• For financial assistance, contact Elder Peter Hsu.

6. Marketplace Silicon Valley: working college students seeking to connect faith to work
Marketplace Silicon

Canaan Annoucements 140608.003Here is an excellent opportunity for our college students who will be working or doing internships in the South Bay this summer. We are also seeking one or two persons to serve as mentors. Let me know if you’re interested!

From Josh Harper

May 14, 2014

Dear Tim,

Here is a rundown of the details for the Marketplace Silicon Valley Program. Feel free to send to any or all of your college youth returning home for the summer. Feel free to disperse to other pastors in the area as well. The Tuesday night program meetings will be open to the public and we will gladly welcome visitors.

Program Overview

Marketplace Silicon Valley is InterVarsity’s summer vocational discipleship immersion. We hope to provide challenging and thought provoking teaching on a theology of work, evangelism in the workplace, justice and money, sustaining spiritual disciplines, and community. This program is designed for college students who have a summer internship or job and want to learn how to integrate their spiritual life with their work.


The program will begin on Friday June 20th with a vision dinner, where we will lay out the vision and plan for the summer and create space for the participants to get to know each other. The following day, Saturday, June 21st will be an orientation for the program. This will last most of the day.

Each week will include one or two lunch hour meetings with a mentor from your place of work, or near your place of work. We will also have a weekly program night, which at this point is tentatively Tuesday nights, from 6:30-9:30. During this time we will learn about the integration of work and faith, sustaining spiritual disciplines, and witness in the workplace. We will hear testimony of people from all different work environments, short talks on certain topics and longer time devoted to the theology of work. Place is TBD.

Three or four times over the summer we will gather for a longer workshop. The first is the orientation weekend of June 20-21. The second is a Justice and Money workship that will be July 12-13 in San Francisco. The third will be the debrief/integration workshop on July 26-27. The program will end on Friday August 1st, but participants may continue to meet with their mentor throughout the duration of their work assignment.

There will be an optional Friday/Saturday workshop in the East Bay on June 27-28 on passion and service and this will include going through the Strengthsfinder material with an accredited trainer and walking away from the weekend with a deeper understanding of your gifts and strengths and how you might want to use them for the common good. This will be optional, but you are highly encouraged to attend.


The cost is a sliding scale from $50-$250. These program fees will cover some of the cost of administrating this program, speaker honoraria, food, retreats, and other expenses. If you have a non-paying internship, you may pay $50, if you are making a modest amount, you may pay something in the middle, if you have a well paying summer job, we ask that you pay the full amount. This is well worth the money. Scholarships are available if even the $50 is out of your price range.

How to Register

To register, please send the director an email/letter of intent with the following information. Name, School, Year in School, Place of work for the summer, Living arrangements for the summer (i.e. address of where you expect to live) I will have a more formal registration page later.

Other Details

Please invite your friends to join too. It is open to any student who is working this summer and is willing to be at all or most of our programming.

Also, please know that this is a pilot project (read version 1.0). It will not be perfect, but it will be good. Your grace for our process of figuring this out is appreciated. We also invite you to give honest feedback to help grow this project into a viable ministry in cities across the country. In Silicon Valley terms, you have the option to get in on this ministry before the IPO, which will amount to nothing in earthly money, but is a big deal in the kingdom ;).

Grace and Peace,

Josh Harper [email Josh]
National Director of Urban Projects
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
(510) 495-5115

7. Looking ahead (save these dates and pray requests)

  • The Summer Sermon Series (June 1-August 31) will be “Acts – Turning the World Upside Down.” We will explore how the first Christians impacted their world and because a force of confluence for us to emulate.
  • June 22 (12:30 pm) is our annual fundraiser for Summer Missions.
  • July 3-19: Taiwan Short Term Summer Missions. Contact Chris Liu [Email Chris]
  • July 29-Aug 2: Vacation Bible School.
  • Aug 15-17: 2014 Church Retreat at U.C. Santa Cruz.
  • Sept. 12-14: EM Camping Trip (Half Moon Bay). Contact Mike Ling [Email Mike]

Fun is Fundamental

June 5, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

Betty and I were reflecting on our early experiences with church recently. When I was in elementary, junior high, and high school, I loved going to my church in Brooklyn, NY. Even though my dad was the pastor and we were required to go to church every Sunday, I never felt pressured to go. I was eager to go. It wasn’t because the children and youth ministry were very large or entertaining. It was definitely not because of the sermons. In fact, before our laughteryouth group grew large enough to have an English worship service, we had to wear head phones and listen to poorly translated Chinese sermons.

I loved going to church because it was a joyful and fun experience. Sunday school classes were filled with games and fun interactive activities. We had bible lessons and talks, but I don’t remember any of these. Plus, they only took about 10-15 minutes before we had another round of fun things to do. I didn’t really understand my faith until later, but I felt the joy of the Lord first.

Junior high and high school were even better experiences. Our days were filled with many activities – camping trips, outings, floor hockey in the basement, baseball and softball games. No one started off as friends, but as we shared experiences together, we grew close to each other. Again, lessons about knowledge about the bible and Christian teaching were not always remembered. But as more and more of our youth turned their lives over to Christ, their desire for Scripture and Christian teaching grew.

From our little children and youth ministry, God raised up more than 20 persons who committed themselves to full time ministry.

I’m not saying that a more formal Christian education program is unimportant. But it seems to me that all our children, youth, and even adults (!) should experience church as something that is enjoyable.

Fun is fundamental! Sarah and Abraham had a funny episode in Genesis 18:11-15. When informed by angel guests that Sarah would have a child, she laughed to herself – so she thought. After all, how could an old couple like her and Abraham have a baby? Even God seemed to be in on the joke when he asked Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh?”

Corsets Victorian EnglandLet’s encourage laughter! Yes, we should take our faith seriously. But without joy and fun, our Christian experience would feel very constricting – much like 19th century Victorian high society ladies who had to wear corsets in order to look proper. The irony is this: no one will take our faith seriously if we wear it like a corset. Corseted Christianity does not lead to deeper faith. But when people see laughter and fun on our faces, they will understand why being a disciple of Christ is so fulfilling!

Be a blessing!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: Ph.D. Pastor of English Ministries

English Service 10 AM

Tim Tseng “Vision from Heaven” Act 26:19-23

Worship Location (Hall 3)

Enter through door 1 or 8

Upcoming Events

  • Everglow Fellowship Night: October 31, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm Room 160
  • Canaan "Yes" Festival November 1, 2014 at 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Parking Lot
  • English Worship: Tim Tseng “Vision from Heaven” (Acts 26:19-23) November 2, 2014 at 10:00 am – 11:30 am
  • Everglow Fellowship Night: November 7, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm Room 160
  • English Worship: Tim Tseng "The Perfect Storm" (Acts 27:18-32) November 9, 2014 at 10:00 am – 11:30 am
  • Everglow Fellowship Night: November 14, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm Room 160
  • No EM Praise Band Micro-retreat (to be reschedule) November 15, 2014 at 9:30 am – 2:00 pm

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