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Canaan EM welcomes new members!

Last Easter Sunday, Canaan’s English ministry rejoiced as Joan C. and Tiffany Tzuang officially joined our church! Here are their stories! — Tim Tseng

by Tiffany Tzuang

Here are my mother and brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother. -matthew 12:48-50

To the casual observer, Jesus was just being mean to his own blood relatives. But, a closer look reveals so much more. I don’t know about you, but for me, I grew up in a family who doesn’t believe in Christ. I didn’t have that opportunity for my parents to drag my insufferable body to church weekly to learn and fellowship. Even a major portion of my friends did not care about God. Frankly, I tell you the truth, a believer without a Christ-centered community is going to be a lost soul. I’ve known about Jesus since 6th grade, this was 10 years ago. Yet, I did not bother seriously considering Christ till about 2 years ago when I met this crazy group of people who were in love with Jesus in college. Let’s just say, my shenanigans were put in their rightful place. Society tells us so much about being independent and how you can do everything on your own. But God calls us to love on each other! There is without a doubt, a certain fact, that God will bless us, if we are willing, a spiritual family to change your life. So here I am at CTCC. I’ve prowled the San Jose map for a church, getting into those awkward situations where you’d find me high-tailing it after service. But somehow I keep coming back here. When I think about all the places where I’ve lived, I always reminisce of the people who were my family there. For San Jose, Canaan is my family. Thanks for letting me become a part of it.


Joan C’s story

Living out godly values is a personal endeavor. From a very young age, I loved to excel. Before most people start middle school, I had already earned a math degree. Awards and honors defined my sense of worth. But in the face of challenges or failures, unlike others I could not move on. When I was not admitted to the top school or found myself dealing poorly with family and others, I felt like a complete failure. On the other hand, my friends at church seemed to keep cheerfully immune to my ups and downs. No matter what, they held onto their faith that God had good plans for them. I was curious: Why were people going to church, reading the Bible, and always thanking the Lord? I had thought going to church and having friends were luxuries. Struggling alone, I found myself without friends and without God. Yet, in spite of my own imperfections, God drew me to seek and depend on Him. Once I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I began to feel God’ work in my life.

I first came to Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church two years ago, after graduating from UC Berkeley and studying abroad. At the time, I was deciding between medical and graduate school, searching for a job, and feeling frustrated with family and friends. In the midst of uncertainy and anxiety, I was drawn to the warmth of church family. Here I felt at home. Here I also faced my weaknesses, which pride could not hide from myself or others. Often I brought my Mom and sisters along. Sharing my life with church family, I could feel my broken self becoming whole again. Each time I have felt downcast or doubtful, good sisters and brothers have been there to encourage me, to remind me of God’s grace and His good plans for each of us. Soon I heard good news at work, from schools, and in my family. Each time I found myself falling, I was given a chance to rise again and make things right, to restore and reconcile with myself and with others. Time and again, I have been shown God’s love and care through many of you, and I hope to show it in return as a new member of your church. Thank you.


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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