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Come to All-Church worship this Sunday!

December 7, 2011

Dear Canaan EM’ers,

Around this time every year, people are busy. Students are finishing up projects and exams before the winter break. Families are finalizing winter break plans. And churches are preparing for special celebrations. I pray that beneath all the busy-ness, we are also experiencing a special peace and joy that comes with cherishing the birth of Jesus!

Bring that joy and peace with you this Sunday as Canaan celebrates the Advent and Christmas season by welcoming our new members and installing our new officers. The all-church service begins at 10 AM in Worship Hall 1 and will end around 11:45 AM. Musical offerings will be given by members from all our ministries and Pastor DJ Jang will preach. Lunch will begin at noon instead of 12:30.

If we have time, the English ministry will meet in the Main Lobby (first floor next to the fellowship hall) at 11:45 to hear the faith journeys of our newest members.

Since I’ve been at Canaan, I’ve always appreciated our All-church gatherings. They provide a real good snapshot of our entire church. They also show the world that Christ can overcome generational and cultural divisions – at least for that moment. We have very few opportunities to gather as a whole church. So even if these types of gatherings are “not your cup of tea,” I encourage you to participate. Albeit imperfect, you can feel what the Kingdom of God – with all its racial, language, and cultural diversity – can be like!

See you Sunday!

Tim Tseng , Ph.D. 曾 祥 雨
Pastor of English Ministries

P.S. EM Angklung choir will hold our final rehearsal at 9:30 AM on the Second Floor
P.P.S. If you missed an opportunity to participate in the Dec. 4 Town Hall survey, you may still post your responses on the easel pads or read Shirley Tai’s message below.

* * * *
From Shirley Tai

Thank you for your input and engagement in building up the English Ministry (EM) and Youth Ministry (YM) at Canaan!  The answers received by Thursday noon (12/8) to the following questions will be collected for discussion at this Saturday’s EM/YM leadership retreat (12/10/2011), and they will also be shared with EM.

EM Adults held a Town Hall meeting during H2O this past Sunday (11:30 AM – 12:30 PM on 12/4/2011). This meeting provided an opportunity for us to talk about our church’s current situation and future, and attendees spent some time on these questions. Since some YM members and EM members didn’t get to share their answers to these questions, we are also collecting your input via this form.

If you would like to add answers to any of these questions, please submit your responses by Thursday noon this week. (You don’t need to answer all of the questions, but you are welcome to.) Please submit your answers by Thursday noon (12/8) if you want them to be included in the EM/YM leadership retreat discussion on 12/10/2011. Youth and Adults are welcome to fill out the survey! Thank you!

To fill it out, visit:

* * *

Christmas Celebration/Gospel Event this Saturday
From Johnson Chiang

Mandarin Service will host a Christmas Celebration/Gospel Event this Saturday at 7 PM in Worship Hall 2.  We will prepare singspiration, a play (Hunting the Future King), short message and refreshment afterward. This is a seeker friendly program.

Please invite your Mandarin-speaking relatives and friends to this opportunity to hear the Gospel!

* * *

From Nicole Lu

Attention Parents of Children 6th Grade and Younger!

Because of the All-Church worship service, the Children’s Ministry Schedule for 12/11 will be different. Please check below:While children of all ages are welcome at the joint service, feel free to send your children (1st grade and younger) to one of the classes listed above if you think they will enjoy that more.

* * *

From Tiffany Tzuang

We are seeking NOMINATIONS for the 2012 CANAAN AWARDS! Here are the categories for awards which will be given on Friday evening, Feb. 17. Please email me [at this link] your nominees or fill out a form and return it to me no later than Dec. 25th.

Write down your nominees for the following categories (just one per category)!

* Generosity, the missional one:
* Busy Bee, the one who is busy caring for new & old members:
* Freshly Minted Parents, those who just become new parents:
* Dedicated Everglow Core Team Member, current term:
* Best Youth Counselor, current term:
* Most Athletic:
* Clownfish, the jokester:
* Rock & Roll Member of the Year, from the praise team:
* Miss Congeniality, most affable lady:
* Best Man, most affable man:
* Aspiring Creative, the one who’s in the arts:
* Phoenix, the one’s who has managed a tough year so far:
* Any other categories + nominees?:


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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