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Truly Thankful

November 26, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

Thanksgiving Canaan EM 2014It is so fitting that Thanksgiving Day comes at this time. It always comes after “the Reign of Christ” or “Christ the King” Sunday. On this, the last Sunday of the Christian year, we celebrate  Jesus’ victory and coronation. For that we have much to be thankful for! Let us thank everyone who participated in last Sunday’s Thanksgiving service!

But if we are honest, it is often a struggle to be grateful. The travesty in Ferguson shows us how terrible America’s racial problems continues to be. And this just scratches the surface of so much injustice, poverty, and pain there is in our world today. Even though we celebrate Jesus as King of the universe, why do so many people suffer? Skeptics and doubters have a right to ask this question.

For this reason, followers of Jesus who live in comfort and abundance need to be very careful about how we give thanks. We misrepresent Jesus when we give people the impression that our King blesses only some people and allows the vast majority of the world to suffer.

Pray for Ferguson.001The best thanks we can give to God, therefore, is to show this fallen world – with our lives – that our King Jesus is saving the world by putting an end to sin, death, suffering, and injustice.

This type of Thanksgiving testifies to a loving God.

This type of Thanksgiving gives birth to hope.

Which is what Advent is all about!

So come worship with us this Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent. We will celebrate the Christian New Year by decorating our worship space and the Christmas tree.

  • If you want to help hang the greens and lights, come to church at 9 a.m. We’ll be decorating before the start of service.
  • Please bring an ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. Be part of our annual Advent celebration!
  • 25 Days of Advent50 copies of 25 Days of Advent devotional booklets will be available this Sunday. It features 25 days of devotions for the season of Advent. Each daily reading includes thematically tied selections from Scripture, along with a statement that encourages meditation or a question to ponder, and ends with a simple prayer. I highly recommend it for discussion with family and with unchurched friends and relatives, too.

Other Important Announcements

1. The weekly Canaan English Ministry Calendar has been updated. Go to

2. Turkey Bowl XVII will take place tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, at 9:30am. Join us for our annual flag football games at Kennedy Middle School (821 Bubb Road) in Cupertino. Bring water, cleats and friends. Rain or shine, it’ll be fun! Contact John Tang [email].

3. On Saturday, Dec 6, there will be a Gospel Outreach service conducted in Mandarin at 7:00 pm in church. Contact Pastor DJ for details [email].

4. On Saturday, Dec 20 our Men’s Fellowship has a service opportunity for ten people at Second Harvest Food Bank between 9 a.m.-Noon. Contact John Tang for more information [email].

5. Canaan People column. Share about yourself to our community in the Canaan People column of our weekly bulletin. Please go to and let us know who you are and why Canaan is so special to you! Thanks to all who have already participated.

Happy Thanksgiving! See you Sunday!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries

P.S. The video clip that was shown on Sunday did not have audio. Have a look at it with the audio. It’s called First World Problems Anthem:


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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