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It’s Advent-ure Time!

December 3, 2014

Dear Canaan English Ministry members and friends,

It was wonderful to worship with you last Sunday. It was a delight to connect with our college students who returned for Thanksgiving break. I am also grateful for everyone who helped decorate the Christmas tree and prepare us for Advent and Christmas! Though we only had a limited number of Advent devotionals to give away, I hope that those of youAdvent-ure Time.001 who have a copy are enjoying the biblical readings and reflections.

In my message last Sunday, I highlighted the importance of preparing ourselves for the coming of the Lord. When Jesus comes, he reveals a God who is not apathetic about human suffering and sin. Rather, Jesus shows us God’s patience with our apathy towards the same.

For instance, I’m sure God wonders how people can be so apathetic and callous towards the homeless. Just a few days ago, two young men were arrested for callously beating a San Francisco homeless man to death. So many of us (including myself) were not aware that Silicon Valley has the highest number of homeless people in America. Have a look at the article that I referred to during my message “Hotel 22: The Dark Side Of Silicon Valley.”

Yet God is patient with us.

As we wait for God to answer our prayers, God waits for us to confess our sin (Isaiah 64:6-7) and to yield ourselves to him (Isaiah 64:8). At some point, God’s light will appear and darkness will be driven away. When that happens, I pray that all of us will be revealed to be his people (Isaiah 64:9; Romans 8:19)!

This Sunday, we will continue our Advent worship with an appreciation of Children’s Ministry co-workers and candle-lighting ceremony. God prepares the way for us. He is our source of comfort!

Other Important Announcements

1. The weekly Canaan English Ministry Calendar has been updated. Go to

2. This Saturday, Dec 6, there will be a Gospel Outreach service conducted in Mandarin at 7:00 pm in church. Contact Pastor DJ for details [email].

3. On Sunday, Dec 14, we will have an All-church Advent Welcome service at 10 a.m. in Worship Hall 1.In addition to celebrating Baptism and Holy Communion, we will welcome new Canaan members and install new terms of elders, deacons, nominating members, and auditors. English ministry will have a regular Community Hour (i.e., no welcome reception).

4. Everglow Youth will have a Christmas Party and Lock-in on Dec. 20 (8 PM). Contact Pastor Chris Liu for more details.

5. On Saturday, Dec 20 our Men’s Fellowship has a service opportunity for ten people at Second Harvest Food Bank between 9 a.m.-Noon. Contact John Tang for more information [email].

6. Dec. 21 is the last Sunday of Advent and the Sunday before Christmas. We may have a number of child dedications during English worship! Stay tuned. We will also have a Christmas Party during Community Hour to celebrate Christmas and our newly dedicated babies.

7. Canaan People column. Share about yourself to our community in the Canaan People column of our weekly bulletin. Please go to and let us know who you are and why Canaan is so special to you! Thanks to all who have already participated.

See you Sunday!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries
[email me]


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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