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Special update: Good Friday and Easter Services

Dear Canaan EM members and friends,

This is a special update. It contains valuable information about our upcoming Good Friday and Easter services plus more! Please email it to your friends and family who may want to join us for the special services.

Canaan Annoucements 15_03_29.006GOOD FRIDAY • 7:45 PM in Worship Hall 3

I want to give a special appreciation to Frances Ang for organizing our English Good Friday Service. Leaders like Frances are like rare diamonds. At Canaan, we are blessed to have her and several other excellent leaders. May we always love and cherish our pearls of great price [PGPs]!

So come and commemorate the crucifixion with us next Friday! Bring your entire family. If you have kids, pre-register them for the Children’s Program at

Good Friday Children’s Programs • 4/3/15
7:30 to 9:30 pm
• Age 3 to PreK: Room 117
• Kindergarten to Grade 5: Room 118
• Please pick up children promptly at 9:30.

“Pearl of Great Price” [PGP] Elder Shirley Tai is looking for volunteers to help with the Good Friday and Easter Sunday Children’s Programs. Please register or let her know [email Shirley]

By the way, Professor Matthew Ryan Hauge (Azusa Pacific University) has written a helpful article called “What is the Meaning of the Cross?” for a website called “Bible Study and the Christian Life.” I recommend this wonderful resource for anyone who wants to be enriched in their faith:

Canaan Annoucements 15_03_29.004ALL CHURCH EASTER SERVICE • 10 AM in Worship Hall 1

Our English Ministry praise band and choir will be leading the worship time. We will welcome new believers and members as well as celebrate the Lord’s Supper. All church services are usually very packed, so come early to get a seat! Many thanks to PGP Christiana Chen, Wendy Huang, and Meixuam Lim for their leadership for Easter service.

Easter Sunday Children’s Programs • 4/5/15

6-36 months
• 10am – 12:30pm nursery care

Ages 3-5
• 10am – 12:30pm Little Worship, Sunday School (175)

PreK to grade 5
• 10-11am Children’s Worship large group (lobby)
• 11-12:30 small groups, Sunday School (175,115,116,117,118)

Egg hunts for nursery to grade 5
• Children will receive egg hunt bags. Egg hunts will be part of the regular 11:30 classes (11:25 for nursery egg hunts).

APRIL: Recycle Easter eggs in Fellowship Hall bin.

EASTER SECOND HOUR • 11:30 AM in Worship Hall 3

Our English ministry will hold a reception to welcome our newest members and collect offering. Come and hear our newest members journeys of faith and celebrate! Many thanks to PGP Eve Wu for organizing the reception!

Canaan Annoucements 15_03_29.007Easter Sunday Egg Hunts • 4/5/15
Children will receive egg hunt bags and be led to egg hunts by teachers during 11:30 Sunday School hour.

11:25-11:30 Nursery egg hunts (parents welcome)
Nursery A: 6-18 months. Nursery B: 18-36 months.

11:40-12:25 Egg hunts outside classrooms
11:40am – Preschool & PreK (Room #175)
11:50am – Kindergarten (Room #115)
12 noon – Grade 1 (Room #116)
12:10pm – Grades 2 and 3 (Room #117)
12:20pm – Grades 4 and 5 (Room #118)

Canaan Annoucements 15_03_29.004EASTER LUNCH SERVICE
Our English Ministry is in charge of setting up and serving lunch in April. Because so many of our EM adults will be helping out with the Easter programs, we really need our youth to take care of most of the lunch service for Easter. Please sign up at or speak to PGP Stanley Chow [email Stanley]. This Sunday PGP Chris Su will be the lunch coordinator. Volunteers should met him in the kitchen at noon.

* * * * *


Tomorrow, a number of us will go to City Team San Jose to help with kitchen preparation. We thank PGP Deacon William Effendy for organizing these opportunities to serve the poor and the homeless. William has written a quick update about last Saturday’s service:

We had 8 people on 3/21/2015 event.
Attendees: William Tai, Anthony and Camilia Cheng, Robert Dong, Joy Lai, Brian Chen, Daniel Tsai, and me. No injury 🙂

Next event (3/28/2015 – tomorrow) is booked by youths (14 people).
Attendees: Judy and Roland Chow, Tobi, Joanne, Vinchen Chen, Christian Chen, Irene, Irene’s Dad, Jack, Jamie, Albert, Brandon, Vincent, and Tim.
Some youths need a ride, so I will standby at the church from 8:AM to 8:30AM.

Please continue pray for this Saturday (3/28/2015).
1. For safety in the kitchen
2. Youths can see that they are taking part in God’s work through SJ City Team
3. What they are doing is not merely a charity/volunteer work, but to exercise their faith through simple thing (not small in God’s eyes)


* * * * *


As you can tell, many of our church’s PGPs are women. Throughout history, God has raised up women to lead his people. I am an egalitarian so I stand firmly behind efforts to empower our sisters for leadership. I’ve been a member of Christians for Biblical Equality for many years:

Many Christian leaders (including John Piper and John MacArthur) call themselves “complementarians.” They believe that God has assigned different roles based on gender, and, for the most part, they believe that women should submit to men and not be allowed to preach or officially lead in the church. To me, many of the reasons for proscribing or defining women’s roles are random and inconsistently applied.

Nevertheless, I can fellowship with complementarians – as long as we can all agree that God does indeed raise up women to lead and minister his people.

This Mother’s Day (May 10th), we will honor not only our mom’s, but also all our sisters who are, indeed, Pearls of Great Price for Canaan and God’s Kingdom!


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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