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Tools for Building Our Church

May 14, 2015

Greetings Canaan English Ministry members and friends!

It’s Thursday, and I’m still catching my breath! What an wonderful Mother’s Day Sunday! Pastor Chris Liu and May dedicated baby Joshua during worship service. We honored our moms and sisters with a light meal. And those of us who stayed after lunch were treated to a musical concert. Have a look at it all (thank you Chris Su for the beautiful photos and Daniel Tsai for the excellent photo slide tribute):

Click here for the Mother’s photo slides:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and by the way, now that our Phase I Building Fundraising campaign has ended. I’m happy to announce that we have reached 87% of the $500K pledges needed for this project (approximately $435K)!! Let us thank God for inspiring many to pray and support the stewarding of our church facilities!

* * *

Peter tells us that we are “like living stones” who “are being built into a spiritual house” (1 Peter 2:5). The church is about people who worship God and build communities of disciples. Yet, every church needs tools to enhance our common effort to glorify God and proclaim his salvation. So I’d like to share with you four of the tools we use and invite you to use them as we reach for EM 2.0!

1. Audio Visual and IT

We have a very strong AV/IT system, but need to enlarge our pool of AV/IT experts. William Tai will be offering “hands on” training for anyone who would like to learn how to operate our AV/IT system in July. Community service credit may be available for students who learn and then help out during worship service or other events. Let William Tai know if you’re interested! We are jokingly calling this Tai Tech College.

2. Website

We use for our English ministry website ( WordPress is an easy to use site that can, with some creativity and care, produce very beautiful websites. I try to maintain it weekly, but it can be improved greatly. So if anyone is familiar with WordPress or would like to learn how to use it, let me know. We need updated content for our small groups and fellowships.

3. Planning Center Online

Do you like the moving background behind the worship song lyrics whenever you worship in English service? How about the slides? All these are generated by Planning Center Online, a powerful and sophisticated volunteer management and visual presentation tool. We have been using PCO for both worship services and children’s ministry. How can you help improve our usage of PCO? Simple: update and respond. You can update your profile by logging into your account on You can select the dates that you are able or not able to serve, indicate whether you prefer to be texted or emailed for reminders, and set up a number of other parameters. When you receive a reminder or notification, please respond as soon as possible. It really helps our leadership to know your availability at least two weeks in advance.

4. Apple’s Keynote

I use Keynote to produce our weekly worship bulletin, worship slides, and announcement slides.  Both Pastor Chris Liu and I use keynote for our sermon slides as well. Powerpoint can work, too, but I’ve found keynote to be easier to use. We welcome anyone who is artistically inclined to help us design slides. 16X9 widescreen format is best for worship hall 3.

I am not particularly gifted artistically or technologically, but I have learned how to use all these tools in order to help improve our English Ministry’s communication, volunteer, and public relation systems. Our elders and deacons have also had to learn how to use these tools. But we want to invite anyone who is especially gifted in these areas to jump in. Doing so would free up me and our leadership to spend more time and energy into ministering directly with our people.

So please bring your gifts that build up the church as your spiritual offering to the Lord (see Romans 12:1 and 1 Peter 2:5)!

Have a great weekend! See you at Sunday worship!

Tim Tseng 曾 祥 雨 :: PhD
Pastor of English Ministries
[email me]

* * *

visit for more information
The weekly Canaan English Ministry Calendar has been updated. Go to


We are preparing for an exciting season of mission. Many of us will be going on Taiwan and Belize Short Term Missions. Vacation Bible School is gearing up. Please pray for everyone who is leading and participating!

Taiwan Short Term Mission Calendar:

  • 5/30 (Sat) 10:00am to 2:00pm Mission Training;
  • 6/20 (Sat) 10:00am to 8:00pm Mission Training;
  • 6/21 STM commissioning and fundraising,
  • 6/30 night to SFO to take 7/1 AM early morning flight to Taipei.

Our missionaries to Belize will be: Judy and Roland Chow (and their daughters) and Daniel Tsai. Please pray for and support them as well as our Taiwan Short Term Missionaries.


We will stay in Stevenson College where dorms, classrooms, restrooms, and the dining hall are all close by. We will also have some apartments to accommodate disabled, seniors, and families with babies. Please register at or fill out registration forms and give them to James Chang or Rachel Hung.

  • Early bird registration fees are $140 (13 years old & above), $70 (3-12 years old), and free for 2 year old & below (no bed allocated). Deadline 5/24.
  • Registration fees after Early Bird period are $160 (13 years old and above), $90 (3-12 years old), and free for 2 year old and below (no bed allocated).
  • The English Adult and Youth track theme will be “Good and Faithful.” Our speakers will be Pastor Ted Kau and our Youth track speaker will be Becky Chiang-Luoh.
  • Rachel Hung  and James Chang are representing the EM/YM on the retreat planning team. Please let them know if you are interested in helping! [Email Rachel, Email James]


If you are graduating from 5th grade, high school, college, or graduate studies, please send me a head shot by May 1 so that we can create our annual Promotion Sunday brochure. On the Sunday, 5th graders will join our worship service for the first time and will be welcomed.


On June 14, we will have a special second hour guest speaker! Darren Oei, of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in San Diego, will share about his call to campus ministry with a focus on reaching the LGBT community. If you ever wanted to learn how to share the love of Christ to your gay friends or relatives, come and learn about Darren’s unique ministry.


A Short Term Mission Commissioning will take place at the end of English worship service (Worship Hall 3). This will be followed by a Go Mission Fund Raising event in the Fellowship Hall. Second hour activities will be determined by each class or group.


Online registration for our popular Vacation Bible School (VBS) summer camp is open for students (grade 5 and younger) and volunteers (grade 6 to adult) More info at, or talk to Shirley Tai [email Shirley].

ENGLISH MINISTRY CAMPING TRIP • Mount Diablo (Sept 4-6, 2015)

Contact Mike Ling for more information [email Mike].


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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