Jason Chu Concert 4/4/14 @ 8 pm

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OR PRINT AND PAY AT THE DOOR [avoid the lines, prepay on line!]

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Sponsors (as of Mar. 19):

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The Jason Chu concert: Three great reasons to come and invite your friends!

1. He’s really that good!
Not just his music, his message, too! Jason’s message is positive, inspiring, and encouraging. Come and grow your faith! Check his work out at:
Jason Chu on Youtube: youtube.com/user/jasonchumusic
Jason Chu home page: jasonchumusic.com

2. Give props to Christian arts.
These days, it takes a lot more creativity to share the gospel than in the past. Christian artists are missionaries to our contemporary culture. You see, Jason Chu is not merely entertainment. He is able to communicate Jesus in ways that can be deeper and more effective than sermons. So by coming, you’ll be supporting missionary artists like Jason!

It’ll be an opportunity to share the gospel, too. Invite your classmates, co-workers, relatives, and friends who might be curious about Christian hip hop. Maybe they’ll experience the message of God’s love and grace through this event.

3. Love the neighbor
Don’t like hip-hop music? Hip-hop has been around a long time and is very popular among many who are outside our churches. Here’s a chance to meet and love people who like it! And maybe you’ll learn to like the music, too! But most important, it’s an opportunity to be an influence for Christ!

Jason Chu videos




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English Service 10 AM (Worship Hall 3)

Worship Location

Enter through door 1 from rear parking lot.


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