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Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission Final Report (July 23)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Our two and a half weeks missions trip is now over. We have departed from Taipei after a final debrief. Some of us are headed to visit relatives in Taiwan while others are now at home in our warm beds. Thank you for your prayers over the last three weeks. The entire missions effort was definitely a trying experience sustained by your prayers and the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior.

What happened in Hualien?

The kids who arrived for camp on Tuesday were extremely shy. We were greeted with stares of uncertainty and few hours into the camp many of us were struggling to find out more about our students. This was a challenge that persisted throughout the week. While the kids were tough to crack open the STMers didn’t give up. Praise God, many of us prayed more fervently and desperately.

Each night, the STMers put on a skit for the kids. On Tuesday evening it was Jesus’ parable of The Prodigal Son. This was followed up by a short message on God’s forgiveness and inextinguishable love for us. On Wednesday evening the STMers acted out the Parable of the Good Samaritan. A message on brotherly and sisterly love was given to the kids that in God’s kingdom no matter what we look like, if we’re aborigines or not, we are all brothers and sisters and should support one another. Both of these messages were followed by a period of time using children’s books on teaching about “Who am I?” and “Who do others say I am?” 春美 (Chun-Mei), a Worldvision worker used this opportunity to build up each student’s character. She described to the kids that even though we may be poor financially but we are rich with talent and gifts God has given to us.

On Thursday we took a field trip to a nearby fishing hole and cultural center to teach the STMers about aborigines culture and to reinforce in the students the importance of embracing who they are. Here we learned how to fish using nets and cook using hot stones. Immediately following this excursion, the students were given the opportunity to perform their class presentation that they had been practicing. Each class came up with a performance that incorporated VBS songs, an Amis tribal dance and/or a skit. We were treated to some amazing performances as each group churned out something unique. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to share with you some of the new dance moves we learned.

On the last day of camp the STMers performed their last Lifehouse skit similar to the one used the previous week in Nan-Ao. A message of hope that Jesus Christ lives and has defeated our sins was shared with the kids. Each class discussed with each other what kind of worldly things can distract them from God and the STMers prayed for them. We then closed out our missions trip experience by taking multitudes of pictures and saying our good-byes before hurrying to catch our train.

Prayer Requests

The missions trip is now a memory in our hearts. As we continue to reflect on this trip and what it has meant to us as Christians, please pray that we will hold dear the importance of prayer in our lives as well as allow God to continue to break, mold and shape us. Pray that we will live our lives differently, always looking towards Him for guidance and direction.

Thanks again for your partnership through the whole missions experience. It was the combined effort that fostered a successful trip.

In Christ,
Jeremy Lee

* * * *

Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission Update #4 (July 16)

Dear All,

Thanks for your prayer support! The Taiwan Short-term Mission team has completed the second Young Life Camp! The STMers just came back from Hualien and will stay in Taipei for 2-day post-camp. Although there were many obstacles during the camps, we went through those challenges and finally made it by God’s grace!

Most of the students are from low income aboriginal family (less than $300 US dollars per month). Our youngest mission team ever has done an outstanding mission work for the past weeks. I’m sure they will share many stories and experience with you upon return home. Here is the comment from one of our STMers, “Canaan is the best … I will never leave …”. I’m touched and hope you will say “Amen” too! Praise the Lord!

Thanks & Blessings,

Elder David Weng

* * *

Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission Update #3 (July 13)

Hello Prayer Partners!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. Many of those who have been sick have recovered. As we continue this missions trip, please continue to pray for our health and safety. I realize these updates aren’t as frequent as promised. Due to the nature of where we are at, coming across internet access is extremely limited. Praise God that even though the environment is so different, God is using us in such a region.

On the 3rd day of camp, we performed a silent skit portraying God creating a human and showing her the wonders of the world (Lifehouse skit). But, as God shows her around, various distractions come and bring her away from God including love, money, drugs/alcohol, vanity… As she realized that all these things were bad, she tries running back to God only to be pushed back by these sins. Finally God rescues her by stepping in between her and the sins. This skit was followed by a message and the kids shared with one another the various difficulties in their life and who God is and why God has made them who they are.

On the last day of camp we had to say good bye to the people of the Atayal Tribe. Many of the STMers were surprised by how many of the kids stuck around to say good-bye after lunch. The previous 3 days, the kids couldn’t wait for each day’s activity to finish so they could go home. On the last day, they didn’t want to leave—telling the teachers and STMers how much they enjoyed the camp. This was definitely a blessing.

We are now in Hualien and more specifically Guangfu where we will be witnessing to the Amis tribe. We have teamed up with an Amis church from Taipei as well as some local tribe people. They are TALL! They say it is because their ancestors were fishermen and thus had to stick their necks out of the water to prevent from drowning.

We finished up training yesterday and have started our camp as of today. These kids are a lot more shy and from first glance it seems like we have to pour more energy into bringing out their inner child. We know God is with us and although this will be no simple task, we are excited and ready. They are mostly middle school students.

Here are some other things you could pray for us:

·Vivian: Pray that we are able to build relationships with the kids, our group members and each other. Also pray that all the activities go smoothly.

·Louis: Pray for our health and safety. Pray that we will be able to spend each and every day with our kids showing them Christ’s love.

·Molly & Erika: Pray that we have energy, passion and find key moments to witness to the kids of the Amis tribe.

·Stephen & Wesley: Pray for communication within groups and with kids. There are some language barriers; our Chinese isn’t the best and our partners know limited English. Pray that God enables us to break through the communication barrier.

·Emmeline & Tim: Please pray that we form good friendships with kids and with each other. Also pray for one of our team member who is a seeker of Christ, Maggie.

·Terrance & Irene: Pray that God will help us overcome our fears, anxieties and any nervousness. Pray that our relationships will flourish with each kid and to give us peace of mind in all activities this week.

Thanks again for partnering with us.

Praise God that our current rooms are equipped with air conditioning and fans. The bathrooms were cleaner than expected and the weather has been cooler. This week will be an all day camp and the kids will be sleeping at the church we are staying at. Thanks for reading. Until the next update.

In Christ,

Jeremy Lee

* * *

Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission Update #2 (July 7)

To Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church, to those sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be holy, together with all those everywhere, who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ—their Lord and ours: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first day of camp has just concluded and all the STMers have gone to bed. I write to you sharing about the events of today. The day began without much fanfare. Students arrived at the appointed time and we immediately began our schedule of events—singing and dancing; worship; message on “Who I am”; various team bonding activities, English learning and meal times cooked by the local church.

The students in our first camp week go home after dinner and return the following day. Please pray that these students will find their way back to our summer camp. Some students may opt to stay home and miss out on the upcoming activities.

The second day of camp

The Young Life camp being run is a day camp—8am to 5pm. Several students did not return today. But the smaller group meant closer interactions with the ones who are here. We enjoyed some outdoor activities with the kids including –chasing chickens, archery, making fire, and making mocha from scratch. The camp kids were able to catch a glimpse of their culture and hopefully they’ll have the desire to preserve it. Another note about the kids is the age range. We have kids from 12 years old to 16 years old.

There are several ways you can pray for us. Pray for our health. The weather is hot and humid. We start sweating at 6AM until we sleep. Pray for protection from all ailments. While all the team members have a smile on their face at all times, a healthy body helps in providing an effective ministry here. Pray that our energy level will be able to be elevated so that we can better influence the kids in our activities. Pray for bonding time with the kids and opportunities to share about Christ’s love. The STMers are showing the kids Christ’s love through their actions. Please pray that the kids will realize there is something different in our lives and invite Christ into their lives.

Look forward to pictures in our next e-mail =D



* * *

Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission Update #1 (July 2)

Dear all,

I am writing this e-mail to you from Taiwan. Needless to say, the weather here is hot and humid. We have now been here for 2 days. In these two days we have gone through many hours of training in preparing for the upcoming camp and have met some of our local counterparts. We will continue practicing skits, going over lesson plans, and getting accustomed to Taiwan Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday we will leave Taipei and travel to Nan-Ao where we will meet our local Aborigines Atayal team. As we continue to prepare, there are many things you can help us through prayer. I will be listing out some of these prayer requests by each team member:

Erika – Please pray for communication with kids and coworkers.

Vivian – Pray for energy so that we won’t be easily tired.

Irene – Pray for positive energy and contagious smiles.

Tim – Pray for communicating with everyone, rest and sleep.

Terrance – Pray that we won’t feel too much anxiety and have confidence in what we will be doing.

Emmeline – Pray that the kids will have an open mind and that we have an open mind when sharing with the God’s word. Also please pray for patience for us.

Molly – Pray for no distractions so we can serve with our best heart.

Wesley – Pray for bonding and interactions with Taiwan coworkers. Since we haven’t met some of the local coworkers it will be hard to get to know each other in a short amount of time.

Stephen – Pray that kids will be friendly with one another and be aware of others’ feelings.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Until the next update.

In Christ,

Jeremy Lee

* * *

Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission Pre-departure Prayer Requests (June 29)

Dear Prayer Partners,

We will be leaving shortly for Taiwan—embarking on an exciting journey where we get to serve the aborigines communities in Yilan (Atayai Tribe) and Hualien (Amis Tribe). We would like to ask you for your prayer support over the next month as we prepare for this Missions opportunity. We currently have eleven members on our team comprised of Canaan’s youth group members.

Please join us in praying the following:

  • Team Unity – Our Team will be comprised of American Short Term Missionaries, Taiwan College Students and Local Short Term Missionaries. Pray that our team will be able to trust one another and work with each others’ strengths and weaknesses. We are all one part of the body (Romans 12:5-8) and it is essential we are able to function as one.
  • Team Preparation – From July 1-3, the team will be training in Taipei. Please pray as we practice skits and focus on the mission at hand that we will be strengthened by God’s presence.
  • Health and Safety – Taiwan is hot and humid with different exotic foods. Please pray that our bodies will adjust quickly to the temperature and humidity of Taiwan as well as the foods. As we travel through various cities, please pray for safety as we will be in a foreign country.
  • Spiritual Protection – We are going to Taiwan to spread the gospel. Satan is against such thing and has bound the communities we will be going to in darkness. Please pray for God’s light to shine through such darkness and to cover us in it so that we may proceed without fear.
  • Bridging Cultural Differences – All of us grew up in the United States. As such, going to a foreign land will bring a different set of norms and cultures into play. Pray for wisdom in our behavior and that we are aware to respect their culture as well as share our culture.
  • Communication – The primary language of communication throughout the camp will be Mandarin. Please pray that our conversational skills will be able to convey our ideas as well as communicate effectively with other team members and the kids.
  • Energy – One of the great things about being in high school is that we are excited and bring a lot of energy. We are prepared to run, dance, act, teach, pray and anything else we are asked to do. Please pray that we will function at a sustainable pace amidst the excitement of going on a missions trip.
  • The Kids – Please start praying for the kids we will be interacting with. Please pray that their hearts are softened and that they will see a difference in their lives with Christ in them through our examples.
  • Intimacy with the Lord – Please pray that amidst any struggles or difficulties we will strive for serving through humility. We are there to serve and not be served. In addition if we are not serving out of worship, then we are serving out of our own human compassion or feelings of obligation. Please pray that God will remind us that it is all for Him and not for us.

Thank you for helping us respond to God’s calling.

2010 Missions Team to Taiwan


Too often we assume that missionaries don’t struggle like we do in their relationship with God. But this is the missionary’s primary need. Pray that we will:

  • Love and study God’s Word.
  • Have a strong prayer life.
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Be maturing spiritually.
  • Make progress over personal sin.


Satan often discourages us through our physical and emotional lives. Many missionaries live in difficult climates filled with disease. Pray for good health. With busy and hectic schedules, missionaries travel often. Pray for safety, stamina and a sense of priority. Remember that preventive prayer helps. The wise thing is to cover your missionary’s health continually. Pray against discouragement, loneliness and depression.


Pray for family relationships—husband/ wife, parent/child. Pray for the children, their salvation and spiritual growth, their health and education. Many of the kids come from broken and abusive families. Pray that local Christians will be an excellent model for the unsaved. And pray against the temptations that destroy families.


In world evangelization communication is crucial. Your missionary is in ministry to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether your missionary is communicating with his life or lips, he must be understood. Learning a new language and adapting to a new culture are frustrating, difficult and essential to good communication. Languages in the Far East are among the most difficult for a Westerner to master. Even an elementary knowledge of a language takes years of study and practice. And a superficial understanding is insufficient for communicating spiritual truths and defending the faith. Would you listen to a speaker who wasn’t fluent in English? But to really communicate, the missionary must adapt culturally to identify with those he is trying to reach. Getting close to the local people and understanding them means adjusting lifestyle and cultural preferences. Pray that your missionary will have the stamina and understanding to demonstrate Christ cross-culturally.


Sometimes you can forget why your missionary is overseas, and why you are praying for him. Remember to pray for what your missionary is actually doing: witnessing, visiting, teaching, preaching, counseling, nursing—and pray for the people he is ministering to. Prayer letters will teach you how to specifically pray for these things. But include requests for boldness, open doors, open hearts and excellence in the effort. Most of all, ask the Holy Spirit to empower your missionary for productivity. (See John 15:16.)

Your missionary is probably not completely on his own. Normally, missionaries team up with other missionaries, local believers, pastors and evangelists. Unfortunately, this mix of personalities designed to strengthen the ministry can sometimes be used of Satan to weaken it. Poor team relationships can spoil the work. Pray for all the fellow workers your missionary mentions in his letters. Pray they appreciate and sharpen one another in good and healthy ways.


Expand your praying to include the entire country where your missionary is located. The political situation, the government and its leaders, visas, freedom to preach the gospel—all of these are important factors in world evangelization. You can also pray that the whole country will open up in responsiveness to the gospel. Whether you use this guide regularly or use some other method, you can never run out of prayer material. We haven’t even mentioned your missionary’s relationship with his home churches, the parents and family left at home and his financial needs. You have plenty of important work to do in giving the world the message of Jesus Christ. And you will know God better for it. No matter how many times you may fail in your daily commitment, you can start again today.

* * *

About Young Life 2010 – Short Term Mission

Young Life is a camp held in the rural areas of Taiwan for disadvantaged kids. These kids come from remote and broken families where the average adult male lives to be 50 years old due to alcohol abuse. The camps serve the neglected and abused youth through providing the resources to overcome stigmas and old habits while encouraging new directions in life. It is a one week live-in bilingual camp that brings friendship through songs, classroom activities and games to many impoverished aboriginal youth with a message of hope and love.

Follow-up programs are ongoing and essential for the future of these youth who come to the camp. Not only do the youths who attend the camp go home with a spark of empowerment in their new lives, the volunteers who teach English and build relationships with the kids develop a sense of social justice due to a broadened understanding of the needs of others and become leaders in their communities as a result of teaching at these camps.

Young Life was developed by Taiwan Abundant Life International Development Association, a mission organization founded in 2008 by Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church in the USA. Its mission is to bring international resources to the unreached and forgotten aboriginal youth who desperately need support to break out of the endless cycle of poverty and abuse. In 2009, the camp gained international attention and is currently partnering with World Vision, Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, and Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston.

This year we thank God to have the opportunity to serve four aboriginal communities totaling over 400 students. There will be camps in Yilan (宜 蘭), Hualien (花 蓮), Nantou (南投), and Pingtung (屏東) serving the Atayai, Amis, Paiwan and Bunun tribes of Taiwan.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this program, please contact:

Jeremy Lee [Email Jeremy]
4405 Fortran Ct.
San Jose, CA 95134

Ann Huang [Email Ann]




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