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What a great VBS!

Vacation Bible School
Aug 3-7, 2010

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Aug. 7, 2010

Dear VBS and Canaan friends and family,

Praise God for a wonderful and memorable week of relationship building and sharing God’s love! Enjoy the photo galllery at VBS.ecanaan.org.

Over 80 kids attended VBS 2010 at Canaan (August 3-7). Our staff included youth, college students, and adults of many ages and languages working well together. I am so thankful for their energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and love for God and the children and families. We had 42 full-time VBS staff, plus 25 part-time staff helping out for a few hours or days during VBS.

Many others have contributed in other important ways: Parenting workshop leading and participation, taking photographs, preparing VBS supplies, moving and making decorations and stage sets, fundraising and donations, translations, inviting kids and families, greeting and following up with kids and families, preparing outreach materials and invitations, critical prayer support, and more.

New this year for our VBS:

  • Record number of kids (previous high was 60)
  • Record number of non-Canaan kids
  • First time kids received/wore VBS shirts
  • First time we had a parent program (parenting workshops) during VBS hours
  • First time we had a full-day, 9-5 option (for VBS students adding upstairs summer camp classes offered by TAC)
  • First time we had lunch and fellowship time for everyone after finale on last vbs day
  • First time we left VBS decorations up for VBS Sunday with kids singing and new VBS families welcomed in adult services

Thank you for being part of the blessing!

Please warmly welcome the kids and families into your communities and services.

Let’s continue to watch for God in action and continue sharing His mighty love!

To God be the glory!

–Shirley Tai

2010 CTCC VBS Director

High Seas Expedition: Exploring the Mighty Love of God

* * * *

August 3-7, 2010, 9:30-11:30 AM

Parents of young children! We’d like to invite you to three free parenting workshops during Canaan’s Vacation Bible School. Just drop of your kids, join the fun and informative workshops, and pick up your kids! What a great way to spend your mornings!

The workshops will led by our pastors, their spouses, and experienced parents from our church community. This will be a great way to meet other parents and learn some lessons about raising your children.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 3: “Courageous Parenting” Pastor Tim & Betty Tseng (in English)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 5: “Cultivating Positive Values and Lifestyles in Our Children ” Pastor DJ & Grace Jang (in Mandarin, Taiwanese, or English)

SATURDAY, AUGUST 7: “Character development” Pastor Ralph & Joy Su (in Mandarin, Taiwanese, or English)

No need to sign up or register. Just come to the church’s West/main lobby and enjoy these workshops! (You can follow the orange line on the floor from the VBS check-in area next to Worship Hall 1 to the parenting workshop area.)

* * *

Dear Parents and Friends,

Are you ready for the voyage of a lifetime?

High Seas Expedition is coming to Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church in North San Jose (at Hwy 237 & 880) this summer, and it’s time to pre-register and invite friends! English- or Mandarin-speaking children age 3 to grade 6 are welcome, and youth and adults can register as Summer Vacation Bible School helpers. Space is limited. Discount for early student registration ends in May, and helper registrations are due by 5/31, so sign up soon.

At High Seas Expedition, kids explore the mighty love of God on a journey that will change them forever! High Seas Expedition is filled with incredible Bible-learning kids see, hear, touch, and even taste! Bible Point crafts, team building games, cool Bible songs, and tasty treats are just a few of the High Seas Expedition activities kids will enjoy in our elementary program (entering grades 1-6), our preschool program (age 3-K), and our nursery program (only for kids of volunteers). (Since everything is hands-on, kids might get a little messy. Be sure to send them in play clothes and safe shoes.) Plus, we’ll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in everyday life—something we call God Sightings. Get ready to hear that phrase a lot! Your kids will also participate in a hands-on mission project called Operation Kid-to-Kid£ that will let our kids blanket the world with God’s love.

Parents, grandparents, and friends are invited to join us on Saturday, August 7, 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon, because that’s when we’ll be having our VBS Finale—a VBS slideshow review and celebration of God’s love you won’t want to miss.

So mark these dates on your calendar: August 3-7.VBS fun starts at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 12:00 noon.

  • Enjoy a shorter morning commute by taking the carpool lane when driving kids to VBS!
  • Parents may attend free parenting workshops while their children attend VBS.
  • VBS is a morning program, but parents can combine VBS with Taiwanese American Center Summer Session 3 (music, art, language, and other classes) to create a full-day, Monday-Friday program in the same building for their kids 8/2-6. Register for VBS at VBS.ecanaan.org, and register for TAC summer classes at www.etaiwanschool.org

Invite friends and join us at Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church:
4405 Fortran Court, North San Jose 95134 (at highways 237 & 880), 408-942-2822

Visit VBS.ecanaan.org (or pick up forms at church) to register for this life-changing adventure.

Let’s go!


Shirley Tai Email Shirley Tai
Your High Seas Expedition Director

Chinese translation below:




在五月底之前報名的學員,我們提供學費上的優惠。義工招募則在5/31前截止,請把握時間儘早報名(詳情請參閱 VBS.canaan.org <http://vbs.canaan.org/&gt; ),我們亦歡迎您能轉寄此封郵件給您想要邀請的朋友。

在這次「乘風破浪」的旅行中,小朋友將經歷神豐富的愛,他們的生命也將因此得著改變!我們這次的旅程裡有聖經的探索,讓小朋友可以看到、聽到、摸到甚至嘗到上帝的奇妙!還有勞作、團體遊戲、兒歌及可口的點心,我們有專為小朋友設計的小學的課程(即將進入一年級至六年級)、學齡前課程(三歲至幼稚園) 及幼兒課程(提供義工家長幼兒看顧服務),讓小朋友們在暑假中能共度一段快樂的時光。

因為所有的活動都需要動手做,小朋友也許會把衣服弄髒,請讓他們穿著舒適的衣服和安全的鞋子。此外,我們會教導小朋友如何在每天生活中看見神的作為-有時我們會稱做「遇見上帝」,請準備好我們會常常聽到這句話!您的小朋友還會分派到一個要實地操作的任務,稱做「Operation Kid-to-Kid」, 我們要用上帝的愛編成一條毯子送給其他貧窮國家的小朋友。

無論是家長、祖父母和親朋好友,我們都歡迎您在八月七日(星期六)早上11:30至12:00中午來與我們同樂,因為我們有個VBS結業典禮-用投影片的方式播放整個VBS活動的回顧來讚美 神的愛,相信您一定不想錯過。

請在您的行事曆上註記我們的活動日期是: 8/3-8/7

* 早上9:00 我們有個愉快的開始,課程在中午12:00結束。

* 家長載送子女參加暑期聖經學校,可以使用汽車共乘線(carpool lane) 縮短通勤時間。

* 家長在子女參加暑期聖經學校的同時,可以參加免費的親子關係講座。

* 暑期聖經學校 (VBS) 雖然是上午的活動,但台灣學校的夏令營在下午舉行。 兩個在同一棟樓舉行的營會,提供為期一週的全日課程(8/2-6)

及週六(8/7)上午的活動。欲參加暑期聖經學校,請於 VBS.ecanaan.org 報名;台灣學校夏令營,包含音樂、美術、語言等課程,則在 www.etaiwanschool.org 報名。

請邀請您的朋友來參加, 我們的地址是:

4405 Fortran Court, San Jose, CA 95134, 408-942-2822

請至我們的網站 VBS.ecanaan.org 或向教會報名,加入我們的行列,開始這趟豐富生命的旅程,讓我們一起出發去探險吧!


May 16: VBS T-Shirt Day (all registered kids & staff wear VBS shirts to church!)

May 31: Deadline for student discount & staff applications:

June 13: Fundraisers at Fellowship Hall VBS table

Aug 1:  Noon (worship hall 1) VBS staff commissioning service and VBS Decorating: Help us move furniture & decorate!

Aug 7:  VBS Finale open to all (Saturday, 11:30-12:00)

Aug. 8 (Sunday right after VBS): VBS decorations left up for all to enjoy and VBS kids sing in each service, new families introduced, please help take down VBS decorations after lunch

For online info and registration go to http://VBS.ecanaan.org or Contact Shirley Tai, VBS Director




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